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Qwest / Century Link High Speed Internet (1.5Mbit DSL)

Qwest is one of the few Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in our area. They offer several Internet service packages and discounts for home or business phone bundles.

Qwest is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) offering DSL and Dial-Up internet service.

Qwest offers several package deals and bundle discounts, prices for their DSL service start at $19.99 a month for basic 1.5Mbit DSL service (with a qualifying home phone package), not including taxes and other fees.
The normal rate is $39.99 with a qualifying home phone package, $44.99 with a basic home phone package.

Home or business bundle discounts.
Premium service benefits.
Technical suport is quick and helpful in most circumstances.

Qwest technical support will only officially help set up or troubleshoot Qwest and Actiontec products.
Occasional service outages.
Requires a 'qualifying' phone package.
Full Review:

Qwest is a well known telephone and Internet service provider in Minnesota, offering an array of packages with speeds from 1.5Mbit to 20Mbit.
For our home and business services, we have a Qwest bundle of telephone and DSL. This bundle saves us a significant amount compared to Qwest telephone alone with another ISP.
Qwest support has been helpful to us for our own questions and our customers who have Qwest DSL or dial-up under normal conditions, but during outages and other problems that affect a wider area their support lines are often overloaded. To help customers, they usually provide an announcement on the support waiting line about problems that are already being resolved.
In the time we have had Qwest DSL services we have experienced three service outages per year up to half a day in duration. In each case we were not the only customers affected and Qwest was already working on a resolution when we called the support line.
Even though Qwest only officially supports Qwest and Actiontec branded hardware, we have had mostly positive experiences getting the correct settings for Linksys, Motorola and Netgear modems and routers to work with Qwest DSL. Only once has a Qwest support technician refused to answer questions due to the fact that we were using non Qwest hardware (we completed the installation successfully anyway, since the NetGear modem/router we were using also had an autodetect feature for line settings).
We have tried other ISPs, but found their throughput (claimed to be 1.5Mbps) and response times to be insufficient for our IP Television system which requires a minimum speed of 1.5Mbps. Worse than that, one blamed the problem on our computers or network equipment. Switching to Qwest resolved the problem with no changes to our network, Qwest provides the advertised throughput of 1.5Mbps, with overhead and other factors the effective transfer rate is between 160KBps and 150KBps.
Final Verdict:
Average value, good technical support, average hardware.
Qwest is a good ISP with a fair price. Their included software and bundle discounts may make the deal even better for some customers.
If Qwest is in your area and you already have phone service with them, Qwest DSL will be less cost-wise than any of the competitors.