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Google Redirector Virus
Google Redirector Description
There is a layered service provider component of the virus that is used to monitor and modify user web trafic. If this component is removed without proper precautions all network communications will cease. If this has already happened to the system, an LSP-Fix utility (available on our Free Helpful Essentials page) can be used to repair the LSP chain and restore network communication.
Some versions of the infection also add extensions and add-ons to Firefox and Internet Explorer. This includes dubious search providers, toolbars, and GreaseMonkey scripts. These components usually require manual removal since they are not malicious in and of themselves and have other legitimate uses.
In either case, the virus components redirect most user searches to advertising pages that pay the site owner per view or per click. This sometimes redirects to pages intended to persuade the user to download and install scareware such as Vista Defender and other fake security products.

Google Redirection Solution

Most of the problems can be resolved by running a scan with an antivirus and antimalware product, like Avira Antivir and MalwareBytes (available on our Free Helpful Essentials page).
This will remove the risky components that may cause reinfection.
Other portions may require manual removal, but in most cases complete removal and reinstallation of Firefox and restoring all settings in Internet Explorer will remedy the situation.