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Digital Concepts SD Flash Memory Digital Camcorder by Sakar




Sub $50 entry level digital camcorder.

Can be purchased from many online retailers as well as big box stores like Walmart for $35-$45.
The packaging includes a mini USB cable, a composite A/V cable for television viewing and a software cd.
Not included (requiring separate purchase) are three AA batteries and an SD flash memory card.
Purchasing these two items at a retail store will cost approximately $5 for the batteries and $10 for a 2GB SD flash card.

Available in Blue or Pink. Records in standard definition VGA (640x480) and includes software.
Easy to use; the power button is near the front surrounded by a faux chrome speaker grille. Holding the button for two seconds powers the camcorder on or off.
Pushing the button towards the rear of the camcorder starts recording, snaps a still photo, or starts playback depending upon the mode the camcorder is in.

The buttons under the folding viewfinder are clearly labeled with a short description of their functions.
Mode changes between video, photo, and playback. Delete removes videos or photos from the flash memory card. The Previous and Next move between photos and videos in playback mode, or quality settings in video or photo mode.

Recording time and video size.
Inexpensive, uses SD media and AA batteries.
Battery life is comparable to other digital cameras using AA batteries.
Automatic brightness adjustment works well in most situations.
Focus is automatic, video does not blur with motion unlike other inexpensive cameras.
Video quality is fair, like an older digital camera.
LCD is bright and clear.

Does not have any capability for zoom.
Still photos blur easily and capture is slow.
No interal speaker, so playback on the camcorder does not include audio unless connected to television.
LCD is very small at 1.5"
No angle adjustment on the LCD viewfinder.
Very visible noise in dimly lit environments.
Final Verdict?

Worth the $$! This camcorder is cheap and performs well in well lit environments.
The video is acceptable for the price, and better than most other digital cameras in the under $100 range.

For this price, I feel comfortable using the camcorder for my more hazardous outdoor project recording where I would not want to use my expensive High Definition Samsung HMX-10C.
I think this camcorder is videolog worthy and would make an excellent gift for kids or friends.
I have found it to be fairly robust, the all plastic construction is relatively sturdy though I would not expect the fold out viewfinder to survive a lot of twisting.