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Custom Utilities by Brighter Computer Solutions
Usually if there is a computer problem, there is already a utility to fix it.
This page lists some of the custom utilities I have created to fix specific problems in the office.

Windows System Update Readiness Tool Repair File Collector

This utility parses the log file created by the System Update Readiness Tool (CheckSUR or SURT) and collects files from another working computer running the same architecture (32 bit or 64 bit) operating system (Windows Vista or Windows 7).
Java runtime environment version 7 or better.
A working computer running the same version of Windows.
System Update Readiness Tool Links:
Download The Repair File Collector:
Download the executable (wrapped jar) directly from our website here: Repair File Collector
Using the Repair File Collector:
Download and run the Repair File Collector on the known good computer.
After following the instructions in the application (selecting a log file, repair folder location, Windows folder location, etc.) the required files (if they exist) will be copied from the Windows directories into the correct repair folder.
The repair files folder should be copied to the computer where the CheckSUR log was created.
The files can then be manually copied from the repair folders to the correct Windows system folder.
You may need to grant yourself permissions to edit each of the system folder’s contents.
1. At an elevated command prompt: takeown /f <Path_And_File_Name>
2. Now grant full access to the file:  icacls <Path_And_File_Name> /grant Administrators:F
3. Now copy the file(s) or folders.
These same steps can also be completed using Windows Explorer:
Right click on the folder, choose Properties.
Click the Security tab.
Click the Advanced button.
Click the Owner tab.
Click the Edit button.
Select Administrators.
Check the box to replace owner on subcontainers and objects.
Click Apply.
Close the properties dialog, then open it again (right click, choose Properties)
Click the Security tab.
Click the Advanced button.
Click Change Permissions.
Choose Administrators.
Click the Edit button.
Check the Full Control checkbox.
Click Ok.
Click Apply.
Close the security and properties dialog.
More information about the SUR tool and instructions for replacing missing files indicated in the log can be found here: